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These are all the different types of tapes we offer at this time.

Packaging Tape

Transparent poly tape ideal for moving, storing and mailing. An ideal label covering - UPS and postal service approved.

  • 2" x 55 yards

  • Assembles 6-10 boxes


Box Tape

Ideal for moving and storage. Tears easily by hand. Self-sticking - no water needed.

  • 30 yard rolls (2" x 55 yards)

  • 55 yard rolls (2” x 55 yards).

Starging at
$4.50 ea.

Packaging / Mailing Tape (Two 55 yd. rolls w/ Dispenser)

Shipping boxes just got easier. With this strong and clear adhesive packaging and mailing tape you will be able to securely close your package and protect your label.

  • Dimensions: 2” x 55” yards

  • Meets UPS and U.S postal regulations

  • Tear and split resistant

  • Effective in cold or hot temperatures

$6.95 ea.

All prices are subject to change and do not include tax.

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